2015 plans to launch Jordi Gómez own line of home furnishings and contemporary details took form through the meeting with the Swedish designer duo Gra Vardag and the concept of Mini-Art was born.


On september 4th 2015 the first collection of limited edition cushions were shown at Jordi Gómez artshow and photobook release at B12 Gallery Ibiza. The collaborators design their pieces of Mini-Art both in Ibiza and Sweden looking at an international market for their products. ”-I know we have a very interesting future to look forward to with Jordi Gómez Mini-Art by Gra Vardag. Through this collaboration we are opening up for a whole other 3 dimensional experience in art” they say. Our trademark is high quality in all aspects of our product line. You will find us online and at selected interior design stores, hotels and restaurants. Some pieces will be exclusive for collectors but most Mini-Art we hope can reach a wide audience with great taste, a love of art and an open mindset.


Jordi Gómez normally presents his work at exhibitions around the globe, and it´s reasonable to assume you´ve already seen his photos somewhere? It could be at a fine art gallery, in a glossy magazine as a big advert for a top brand or maybe a printed plexi in a furniture store? These are the contrasts of this powerful visionary you see. He has a BIG WORLD- which he invites you into in many kinds of ways. The aim is to seduce your senses and let you be a part of his colourful and magical palette called Sexycologic instead of being ”just” an observer. This is why you don´t just buy a cushion or a table... you buy the experience of Jordi Gómez world.


Selected Mini-Art retailers are found in Ibiza, Marbella, Madrid, Gothenburg, Kungsbacka and Helsingborg.